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Asking & Receiving 2 Separate Vibrations

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 When I sit down to  work in my home business I always check and know what my mindset is.

 As I craft the sales letter create content I am in the Asking mindset to give the best offer I can for you to have the tools you will benefit from.

 In the Asking Mindset I ask god to give me the words I need that will have the biggest benefit on you growing your own home business and residual Income 

 Be aware of all the words used and the energy you put into the course the training even free pdf's this energy is critical to the  outcome.


 As I set-up my payment system I am in Receiving Mindset to be in alignment to receive the sale. 

 If I am not in the correct mindset as I am working then it will be whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time.


 I don't like to take chances when it come to giving you the 

best opportunity I can.... 

 See For me it isn't about the money I make, It is about how I can help you to get to the lifestyle where you don't have

to worry about money.

 When You don't have any worry or doubt in your  thinking this frees your emotions up to be in a giving to help others.

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