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Tell My Story

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 Today is new I started in morning feeling good grateful for

 all I Have.... 

 I followed the routine I set up for my growth and it feels  good to be in alignment to my day.

 Then I was working online to create content for my business in doing so I kept seeing peoples posts pop us bragging about how good they are doing and not having to work.

 Wondering have I got in the wrong business I am always working on something....

 These thoughts dropped my momentum down and the second guessing started...

 These thoughts and feelings went on for a time... Down in the dumps I went....

 Does this sound familiar to you it is happening to a lot of people who are starting a online business....

 These are old limiting belief's that show up from the subconscious mind, they will stop you every time.

 Stop yourself when the thought and feeling starts the people you see who are showing the success they are having Now, Isn't the whole story of how they started..

 The long days constantly working and creating and learning the skills that got them Where They are Now...

 It doesn't happen overnight it takes time and work to create the business that creates the  lifestyle.

 Before you criticize others ask them what did you do to get where you are Now …. And Listen most of us will gladly tell you how we do it and that we are working daily.

 Because we love what we are doing not because we are told to do it.

 The story is always packed with ups and down life lessons to mold and grow the reader.

 Beliefs with feeling and action to create The life all starts with you and your story.


 Christie Hobbs




Mastermind Marketer

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