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Calibrate Your Energy

Calibrate Your Energy 

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 Start in morning to calibrate your energy with intentions.

 Know where you want to be at the end of the day. by setting your intentions there is a clear path for you to follow.

 Mindset to set a lifestyle Foundation is a key that will always be here to help you have the success you desire...

Choose Your words before you speak.. and fill in the blanks

I Love That_____________

I Take Pleasure Doing This ______________

I Love Having This Success ______________

I Am Grateful For Everyone Who Joins Me __________

I Am Thankful For My Talents _________

I Am Excited To Offer The Best Training ___________

 I Love The Well-being of My Body____________

I Love My Healthy Body ___________

I Love Being my Ideal Weight __________

With each statement and answer feel how good it makes you feel...

 When your focus is on growing your business add what you do and teach, the courses you offer and the guidance you give …. Feel Good happy and excited...

 The more you are calibrating your energy to what you desire the easier it will come for you

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