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Saying I Am Ready

 Saying I Am ready to reach the financial freedom that I have been focused on. 

   Ok you made the Intention and declared what you want you have probably prayed over and over... 

  You are asking why is what I desire not coming for me I follow the universal laws …

 I am working my business and the JOB daily where is my break. 

  Sound Familiar we have all been there or somewhere close to these feelings.

 Where everyone else is getting what you are working so hard to have. 

It isn't just the intention and the stating what you want it is believing in yourself and working with the knowing that, I have a great life.

 The feelings and self talk are all affirmations that we put out to the universe and the subconscious mind.

  Put the best of you out to the market place and show your skills... So You don't have all the skills that the top earners have  or the confidence. 

 These are built up over time and learning as always surround yourself with people who are doing It Now


Christie Hobbs 

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